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For ONE night only...


Whether you are just a little bit nice or a whole lotta naughty (or, like most of us, somewhere in between) you will definitely want to dance your heinie off at TEMPTATION...The Dance.

A seriously bigass dance party?? Check.

Nationally renowned DJ Olga T spinning everything from Beyonce to Brick House?? Check.

Biggo dance floor?? Check.

Hot ladies in leather?? Lace?? Levi's?? Or...less?? Check.

Sexy Uniform Party you can swing by, for FREE, when your tootsies need a break?? Check.

Ridiculously affordable?? Check.

The hottest possible way to spend your Friday night?? Check.

(and you can pony up an extra $15 to get into the official International Ms Leather play spaces downstairs...ask us at the door and we'll fill you in on all the details!)

Visit the IMsL website to learn more about International Ms Leather weekend.

Come for the dance or stay for the weekend - it's what all your friends will be talking about come Monday morning!

TEMPTATION...one night only!

Holiday Inn Golden Gateway (Emerald Ballroom)

1500 Van Ness


10:30 until we're done, dammit (aka 2am)

$5 in fetishwear, $10 in street clothes
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International Ms Leather and International Ms Bootblack are more than contests and titles. IMsL is the world's largest event dedicated to leatherwomen and the folks that love them. From March 19 to March 22, 2009 San Francisco, California graciously hosts this contest-come-conference packed with performances, friendly competition, workshops, BDSM vendors, and dungeons open round-the-clock. Come witness the trials and tribulations of the contestants, learn about fascinating fetishes, and if you're willing, experience the pleasure of pain.

Do you have hot and entertaining BDSM fantasies? Do you have heart and soul? Can you think on the spot? Have you been committed to making and supporting your leather community? Then take a stand and compete for the title of International Ms Leather or International Ms Bootblack!

Check out all the hot details at www.IMsL.org including competition guidelines to see if you've got what it takes to be International Ms Leather 2009!
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Adventures in International Titleholding pt 1

In my post that I made when I made it home Monday I stated that I hate TSA. Lemme tell you why. I was dropped off at the airport about an hour and a half before my flight was scheduled to leave. Plenty of time. I was looking forward to my airport Starbucks treat and maybe a little free wi-fi time.

In the time it took me to fly out to San Francisco, have kick ass weekend and head back home, the airlines apparently lost what little mind they had. It cost me nothing to check two bags and I had a carry-on. I remembered previously that it was maybe $20 to check an additional bag. That's an important thing to note as I returned home with an additional suitcase. So I navigate 3 suitcases, and my bootblack kit along with my backpack to the counter. I chat with Eleanor a minute as she had noticed my medallion. (Yes, I in fact wore my medallion home.) She askedwhat the medallion meant and I gave her the briefest nutshell answer of bootblacking I know. She thought it as awesome. Yay!

So Eleanor and I start to weigh my lugggage. I pack like a total fag. There must be many possibilities for outfits. This has started to prove problematic as my luggage is starting to be overweight and I end up carrying stuff on planes that I hadn't intended to (i.e. my toy bag). So as we weighed my luggage, largest suitcase first...50lbs dead on! The second largest 47 lbs! At this point I am super happy since I don't need to shuffle anything around. We weigh the bootblack kit..17lbs. Yay! Finished. I reach for my wallet to pull out the cash for $20 extra luggage fee and Elanor says, "That'll be $105 please" Your kidding me right?

Then she explains how the airline's policy has changed. There is only one free checked bag now. The next bag $25 and the 3rd bag...$80!!! I must have looked as stunned as I felt. I told her I remembered hearing that was going to occur, but thought it didn't apply to tickets purchased before a certain date. Nope. I was wrong. Eleanor then did some really sweet. She reassessed the fees and worked it out that I only had to pay $25 for all my luggage. Thanking her profusely I head over to the security check point.

I have my backpack and a carry-on suitcase. I weave my way through. My time was running tighter than I liked. I was whittling away at my wi-fi time, but oh well I was heading home. I get closer to the metal detector, pull out the laptop, get rid of the metal, take off shows. I get through and they scan my carry-on and can't quite make out the shape in there. The shape they couldn't figure out was the bootblack trophy. It was in the carry-on cause it would have made the other suitcases too heavy. They run the trace test thingy. Then someone comes over and looks at it and says they aren't sure it's something I can take on the plane. What? What am I going to do with the footrest from a bootblack chair?

I plead my gate case with the supervisor on the floor. Explain that's a trophy, I just won it and I am trying to get home. He is moved by my plight, but has to get his bosses approval. He disappears around a corner and comes back 30 seconds later. I can't take it on the plane. This a problem...a big one. The nice guy tries to help me with a few ideas. Then eventually he tells me there's a shipping place on the international side of the airport. I ask for directions and he tells me it's going to a 10 minute walk there. I look at my watch and it's now 10:45, my plane was scheduled to take off at 11:29. 20 mins there and back, plus time to actually get the package shipped. I looked at the guy and said I'm gonna miss my flight. He says he's sure I can make it. So I haul ass.

The distance from terminal one to the other side of the international terminal is pretty far in SFO. I was getting pissier by the minute. I finally make it to the package place. They take F-O-R-E-V-E-R wrapping the package and getting the paperwork all squared away. At this point I resign myself to the fact that I am going to miss my plan. Of course, then they are done and there is the slight chance that I can make it back to terminal 1 from international…through security…and onto my flight. So I haul ass back to my assigned side of the planet of course. Once I get there, I decide to swing by the Delta counter to see if there is anything they can do to either a) hold the plane or b) put me on the flight?

There’s a gentleman directing folks in line to kiosks and agents. We make I contact and I tell him I really need to speak with one of the agents because my plane is about to take off. He says I HAVE to get on that plane or there’s nothing they can do. I point out the now fabulously long line at TSA security checkpoint ‘Steal My Thunder’. He tells me to follow him. He escorts me to the front of the express line and retreats to the safety of the Delta ticket counter beyond my grasp. I do the run through AGAIN…belt, boots, laptop out and got through the metal detector. Wouldn’t you know it, the metal detector went off! The nice lady who noticed my teddy bear earlier said I only get one more shot before I got pulled aside for extra screening. I pull EVERYTHING out of my pockets. The guy standing there starts handing me back papers and I want to break his fingers. Instead I politely take them and walk through again. No beep this time.

I grab all my belongings, through on my shoes and hurriedly put on my belt. I start around the corner. As I round the corner I see gate 41on my left. I need gate 40. I look to my right and noone is standing there…save one cute little cabana boi gathering papers. I tell him I am supposed to be on that flight that’s getting ready to leave. He looks at me and mutters “You’re lucky”. He punches in a code on the lock to the jet way and yells down to the flight attendant that they have one more and lets me through. He follows me down not 10 seconds later. Turns out he was taking this flight as well.

At this point, I’m tired hot, sweaty and oh so grateful. I finally settle into my seat. Once we are airborne I pull out the laptop for a little entertainment. ‘Hitman’ was exactly the mindless fodder I needed to send me off to a restful sleep. Kinda have to wonder what the rest of the year will be like right?

Glamorous ain't it? ~grin~

Oh, by the way, the kilo can of Angeles shoe polish in my carry on luggage did NOT raise a red flag...at all!!!
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There are a few photographers in the leather community you'll run into over and over again. Dave Rhodes is always there. If you are at a Bay area event, more than likely Rich Stadtmiller is there as well. These pictures are from his shots of the weekend. If you'd like to view all of his photos of the weekend, please visit his website, www.richtrove.com

There are a ton of pics (38?) behind the cut and they are not in any particular order. Of course, I was incredibly self serving in pulling pics to post here. They mostly contain shots of me. Without further delay IMsL )
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I received a package today containing both!! As well as a few other things. I am definitely in love with the leather jock!! The latex pants do look rather hot on me. They are a *tiny* bit too big, but for my first latex experience, I'm actually more comfortable that way. Kathy was drooling, which I take mean she really likes the pants. The shirt is awesome as well. I'll probably wear it with a pair of jeans Thursday night.

I am going to wipe them down and prep them to be packed tomorrow. Once that's done I can close my suitcase. Here's hoping it's under 50 lbs...lol! I think I should be ok this time. i actually have an additional carry on that will have my boots in it. I swear they are what weigh the most.

I know I have been a little quiet about IMsL. I've been panicking a bit here and there. Poor Kathy has watched me come undone a bit and put myself back together. It's my way. I am as prepared as I can be I feel. No worries, not having a pity party or anything of the sort. Simply remembering that I'm best at being me and all that entails. Regardless of how the contest turns out, I am quite proud of who I am, have enjoyed learning the things I've learned and am (mostly) pleased at the way I have carried myself over this last year.

Anyway, I'm just about ready for IMsL and am super excited that I will have an opportunity to lay eyes on my Sir. It's been a while and I miss her.
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I know some of you are tired of hearing about it, but I am very excited about it. Just remember that May will be here soon enough and you'll not be subject to many posts regarding it much after that (unless I earn the title!). Anyway, I have been contacted by a few folks recently letting me know that they will be attending IMsl. It means the world to me to know that I will have even more friendly faces there than I had anticipated. I was wondering if other people on my LJ were considering or definitely going to IMsL this year?

I don't know about others, but for me it helps calm the nerves and energizes me as well, to see friendly faces. ~smile~
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